12 Surya Yatra

12 Surya Yatra

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The ‘Ganga Aarti’ of Kashi is world famous in which foreign tourists also participate. There is the mention of 12 suns in Veda and Puran. Every one month belong to each sun. This article is dedicated to the origin and story of these 12 suns.


The ‘Ganga Aarti’ of Kashi is world famous in which foreign tourists also participate. There is the mention of 12 suns in Veda and Puran and so 12 Surya Yatra is also very auspicious. Every one month belong to each sun. This is dedicated to the origin and story of these 12 suns. Kashi is said to be balanced on the trident of Lord Shiva and has survived since time immemorial as on this date remaining intact in its original shape despite this earth having been perishing and recreating for over thousands times over.

  • During the Mahabharata periods, Samb, the son of Lord Krishna was very handsome vut was suffering from the disease of leprosy. Upon the advice of Nrada, he came over to Kashi and started sun- worshipping after taking his bathes I the Ganges River. He at last got rid of leprosy. He built the Sambark temple in Kashi. ‘Ark’ means Surya. There are several synonyms of Sury- Bhaskar, Ravi, Aditya, Pusha, Savita etc.
  • Divodas was the king of Kashi during Vedic and pauranic periods. There was the terror of demons widespread during the period. To contain the demon’s terror, Surya had given a rock of stone to Vishwakarma to sculpt idols. Vishwakarma made idols which became famous as Lolark Temple. Magical eopns got built through the remnants of the stone rock with which the demons were destroyed. During those times rounds, Vishweshwar Shankar had reached in Kashi. The terror of the demons are remembered even to this days in Kashi. The terrorists were killed in the Pauranic period.
  • In the Dwapar periods, Draupadi had arrived in Kshi along with Pandavas after being troubled by Duryodhana. She bathed in Ganga and worshipped Sun God. God Sun was plesed and Draupadi had got ‘Akshaya Patra’. Atemple is named after Draupadi in Kashi as Draupadi Tempe.
  • When Sun God started taking his violent form, the inflammable power reached its zenith and there was chaos in the entire universe. Getting vexed with the virulence of the heat, Bawa, Vishwanat came over running and appeased Sun God. The Sun God then was brought back to his peace at last and the universe became cool again. Eversince the ‘Mayukheshwar Temple’ became fomous. Mayukh means ‘Anshumalisurya’.
  • Sun is known as ‘Dhata’ in the month of Kartrik. His sun is ‘Yama’ and Yamuna is the sister of Yama.Yama had come to Kashi, bathed in Ganga and had worshipped to Sun God here. He had offered a fervent worship for public welfare. In his memorium, a temple was built and named after him as ‘Yamaditya Temple. In the month of Kartik, a great congregation gathers hers to take bath in the sacred river of Ganges, offer prayers in this temple for heavenly blessings and for ‘Deepdan’. It is said that taking bath in the month of Kartik, inflaming deep on the banks of the river Ganges, and worshipping Sun God, human have no fears against death come what or when it may. Sri Krishna in Geeta has said,” I am suryaparjanya of sawan”. Excessive rainfalls happens during the course of Shrawan and there aisshrawani beauty and scenery enveloping all around in Kashi.
  • Varuna is the sun of Bhado month who is the God of water. Varuna and Assi named rivers flow down in Kashi. By the curse of Pindarik, Lalit and Llita had grown ugly who became handsome again after the Gangabath and the Sun worship in Kashi. Vimal was suffering from leprosy. Leving his home, he came over to Kashi. He did daily Ganga asnan, and suryaupaana. The Sun God got pleased with him and cured him of leprosy disease. Vimal built Vimaaditya Temple in Kashi and gave the feel of his faith in God.
  • There has been indivisible relation between Ganga and Sun. Both of these provide moksha to living being. When the Ganges move on forward from the Himalayas, she then stopped in Kashi following King’s Bhagirath’s chariot from behind. The Kotwal of Kashi Bhairavnath became restlees to safeguard Kashi from the onslaughts of Ganges churning waters. Bhairav started praying Sun God to see the Ganges present in Kashi. Seeing the worshipping of Vairav, the Ganges got pleased and moved on aheadwards. Bhagirath was leading her blowing conch from ahead in a chariot. Since then, in Kashi, the Sun started to be worshipped as Ganga ‘Divya’. ArthamaVaishakhi is the name of Surya. Persons get physical energy from the morning sun bathing. The sun of Chaitra is Vishnu. Manjughosha named fairy had trapped Meghavi, the son of Chyavan in her love since 57 yearsint in Kashi. Upon the advice of saints, Meghavi started bathing in the Ganges and worshippingSun and got rid of the trap of Manjughosha.
  • Mitra is the name of Sun which emerges in Agrahayan month. Peace is gained by bathing and offering water to Sub in this month. There used to live an old saint Hariv by name in Kashi. There was no energy left in him to meditate. He began ganga asnan and sunworshipping. Hariv became young again after the Sun God blessed him. The vridhaditya Temple is built in his memory.
  • Leprosy had afflicted Rajyavardhan, the ancestor of Sri Ram. He quite his kingdom to concentrate in sun meditation and got rid of the leprosy disease. Ulkadatya, Arunaditya, Keshavaditya, etcare counted among the 12 sun temples of Kashi.
  • Vivashwan is the sun of jyeshtha mas which strengthens the digestive system. Devotee geet blessed by having the darshan Pujan of the 12 temples of Kashi. Brahma had built rivulets and fire pits in Kashi to worship sun. Kashi surya puja and suryaasnan is treated a vravotsava.



  • Surya Yantra improves the auspiciousness of Sun.
  • Establishing it will reduce the effects of Vastu Dosha at home.
  • Sun is the symbol of wisdom, power, and strength. The Surya yantra will boost your energy.
  • 12 Surya Yatra will build your confidence and reputation.
  • It reduces stress and frustrations.
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Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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