Manglik puja

Manglik puja

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Manglik puja is very crucial. According to Mars or Mars astrology, there is a planet of power, strength, courage and aggression. From astrological point of view, Mars is seen as a cruel planet, and Mars is considered as God. Mars is described in the sky with the red celestial body. In the description of the nature of Mars, it is considered a Kshatriya, has a beautiful and short stature, which has four hands in which he has taken up arms. The position of Mars in the context of marriage is of paramount importance because it is a symbol of aggression. Husband, marital lump, sex etc. affect the position of Mars. Mars is known to affect the positive or negative position of marriage. Mars defect is an astrological condition that occurs when there are mars in the house of 1, 4, 7, 8 and 12 of Vaadiic astrology cycle.

The person born in such a situation is called Manglik. This place is considered to be extremely destructive for marriage. Tension in the relationship, the inconvenience of work and the loss and the untimely death of the person, Mangal has been considered. Mars is pleased by the worship of Mars, and its destructive effects are controlled, and positive effects are increased.

The purpose of Mangal Puja and ritual is to remove the obstacles, which are achieved by the peace of the Mangal Dosh . Through special worship we can get rid of harmful force, happiness, peace and prosperity. In order to create a positive vibrancy in starting a new venture, we can increase the profit by cultivating leadership skills, to speed up the obstacles in home, job, business, for quick health benefits. Common ways include meditation, chants, chanting, peace, prayer. Fasting or chanting Lord’s name, Dharman. This can be done with aspiration. Mangal Puja is dedicated to Mars. Mangal Shanti Puja is beneficial for relief from poverty, poverty and skin problems. To be able to result in these actions, we need to worship Mangal to assimilate the energy applied by more deep spiritual worship.


  • Delivers stability in both personal and professional life.
  • Eliminates obstacles to your plans
  • Encourage rational thinking and clarity of thoughts.


Manglik dosha analysis is of great significance or value in horoscope matching process before marriage. Even if the score of compatibility points is above average but if there is the unsuitable match from the Manglik point of view, the marriage is not recommended as serious difficulties will be encountered in marital life. Apart from these effects in marital life, Manglik dosha may also hold up many crucial prospects of life.

Puja type

Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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