Markesh Yoga Puja

Markesh Yoga Puja

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Markesh Yoga Puja is very crucial as the Markesh yog is one of the deadly and bad yogas of the astrological combinations of planets and constellations. It is such a bad effect that it tends to dissolve poison in the life of the person as well as his family members in whose birth chart it is formed. During the time of this dosha, there can be discomforts upto the level of death in the life of the person.

Markesh dosha can create a huge upheaval in the life of the person. While it prevails, there can be disasters, health issues, huge financial losses, mental disturbances and all other types of extremely painful situations can be created for free.

The Markesh Yoga puja is specially meant for balancing the bad effects of the Markesh. These combinations are not always present in everyone’s Kundali and only an expert astrologer can find out the yoga and suggest wonderfully powerful remedies for the same.

If this yoga is corrected as per the scriptural injunctions, then the person is rendered safe from the bad effects and death like situations. It gives high level of relief. When pacified through authentic and authorized Vedic methods, one can be blessed with nectarine life. We will provide you a qualified and experienced pandit trained in Hindu Shastras to conduct puja.

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Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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