Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

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Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

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Those of our ancestors who have died and unnatural death wanders in this universe seeking moksha. Since, they are in blood relation with their successors they seek all those services that can take into the land of gods liberating their souls. So, Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is a form of service or offering to the ancestors done by Hindus.

Everyone seeks reverence in their lives so are the Pitras or Ancestors. Pitras’ souls have departed from this world so they are considered equal to Gods. Pitra dosh Nivaran is done at various places in India and at various times according to Hindu Scriptures. Pitra Dosh Nivaran is a form of reverence or Shradha offered to our ancestors in the form of Shradh.

What is Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja?

Pitra dosh is one of the biggest obstacles on the path to liberation created by ancestors or some planets in our birth chart or horoscope. Success is almost impossible if one has pitra dosh in ones life. Pitra Dosh is not a curse of the ancestors for sure as the horoscope of a person is drawn and decided right at the time of his birth and accordingly any kind of defects are decided at the time of his birth which would include defects like Pitra Dosh. There are many rituals of Pitra Dosha Nivaran.

Tirpindi Shradh

Tirpindi Shradh is done for those people who died unnaturally, to remove Pret Badha. Tripindi shradh is done to satisfy souls of the ancestors who are yet to satisfy due to unnatural deaths. Just after performing Tripindi Shradh our ancestors souls liberates and bless us so that obstacles created by them is removed from our lives.

Naranyan Bali Shradh

Narayan Bali Shradh is done to offer liberation to the souls of ancestors who are from our family. Narayan Bali shradh is performed when we continuously see our ancestors in our dreams and feel obstacle created by them in our real lives when we start any auspicious work.

Naag Bali Shradh

Naag Bali ShradhNaag is performed to relieve the souls of ancestors or family members who died unnatural death by snake bite. This kind of Shradh is performed when snakes continuously appear in our dreams or in house. After performing Naag Bali Shradh we liberate souls of those members who are in Naag Yoni.


  • If a person does good for the upliftment and peace of their ancestors then definitely he will seek many blessings.
  • It is also seen that if a person does pitra dosh puja then it removes all the obstacles and problems from his path.
  • This puja also provides with harmonious and cordial family relations and the family life becomes very smooth. It also provides peace of mind and provides with financial stability.
  • This puja also helps to eradicate acute diseases and a relief from bad effects of the malefic planets and cures any destruction. Protects the family from any evil energies and gives them strength to overcome all the hurdles of their lives very easily.
  • This puja is a very powerful tool to overcome the bad conditions. It also revives good fortune and positive energy all around.
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Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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