Puja for children’s health and education

Puja for children’s health and education

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Puja for children’s health and education is very crucial. The only way to pay back the debt of our parents is to nourish the child with utmost care and discipline. Health and good education are the primary concern for any parent. As per Hindu astrological Shatras, the balaristha yoga in the chart can cause severe health issues up to 8 years of the age. Hence it becomes quite necessary to have divine intervention for maintaining good health. The child’s progress completely gets hampered to recurrent illness. In that particular cases, if Vimshootari Dasha is not very favourable or the child in undergoing Maraka dasha of 2nd and 7th lord or lagna lord is weak, it has been recommended to carry out Mahamritumjaya Japa and mantra chanting for planets responsible for suffering. It is in your best interest to consult an experienced astrologer before deciding about this Puja. It is our responsibility to conduct puja and Havan as per Vedic rituals and utmost discipline.

Regarding education, Mercury is the main planet responsible for concentration and achievement in studies. Goddess Saraswati Devi is the diety of education and without her blessings one can not get success in studies. If your child has concentration issues, scoring very less marks in examinations, it is advised to get the chart analysed for position of  mercury and lord of 4th and 5th house of birth chart. The Puja will conducted for planet mercury and special puja for Goddess Saraswati. If required, the operating Dasha planets may be included.

The Bottom line is – Any puja must be carried with complete devotion and disciple. The karma-kandi Pundit must be very pious and disciplined and should be very well versed with vedic rituals and mantras. Our strength lies in assisting you in astrological guidance and conducting puja done is a very systematic way so that positive effects will be felt in an individual’s life.


  • Devotees are blessed with strength and perfect health – both physical and mental
  • All kinds of ailments can be avoided with this puja
  • Lord Vishnu shower his blessing on the devotees
  • Children can seek health and success with the help of this puja
  • If you are seeking peace, happiness and unlimited spirit.
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Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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