Puja for pregnancy conceiving problems

Puja for pregnancy conceiving problems

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The 21st century is probably is very difficult time when it comes to having blessing of child. The extending age of marriage, delay in family planning, work stress, working in night shifts are the other external factors results in not having child. In most of the cases, the couple are unable to conceive although chart looks promising. 5th house of birth chart and Jupiter, karaka for children are the major factors to analyse in the chart. It is always suggested to analyse both charts i.e boy and girl to reach the right analysis and pointing out the real cause of this problem. Puja for pregnancy conceiving problems can be very effective such cases.

If the Chart indicates very bad past karma and Jupiter is retrogarde and afflicted by malefics such as rahu, ketu , mars or Saturn, even the new technology such as IVF etc. could not give you the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. That is the case where divine intervention is very much recommended. As per Hindu Shastras, worshipping Lord BaL Gopal can bless you with a beautiful and healthy child. Even the cases of abortion could be solved with proper chanting of this Bal Gopal Mantra. Along with that, it is advised to conduct puja for appeasing Jupiter and mellow down your past bad karmas. Depending on chart to chart, the mantras for other malefic and weak benefic planets can also be included in the Puja for the best results.

We will be more than happy to assist you in giving you the happiness of fatherhood and motherhood. Get your chart analysed by an experienced astrologer and we assure that puja will be conducted strictly as per vedic rituals and mantras. In kaliyuga, pure devotion is the only way to have the blessings of planets and puja for pregnancy conceiving problems will definitely support you to overcome conceiving obstacle.

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Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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