Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs for follow:


Q. What is puja?

A. Puja is an act of displaying veneration to god through invocations and numerous rituals. a very important side of puja is to create a religious relationship with the spiritual being. Pujas facilitate individuals to usher in positivism, improve confidence and attract wealth and prosperity.


Q. What is Pujaabhishekam?

A. Pujaabhishekam is India’s no. 1 and the most trusted platform for online puja services, Vedic rituals, Hindu temple puja ceremonies, and other online puja. We provide India’s well-known, highly qualified and experienced Shastri and Pandits online / offline for you who will do the puja.


Q. Can we book puja?

A. Yes, puja can be booked by visiting our website i.e.


Q. What is the procedure of payment?

A. You can make payment through all debit and credit cards. NRI’s can make their payment through PayPal.


Q. What are the facilities provided by company?

A. We provide various types of puja in any temple in varanasi. In addition to that all kinds of Dosh is also performed as per customers’ requirements. The major and most popular products are Japa, path.

We provide puja samagri , the cost of which is included in Puja Cost.

Pick up and drop arrangement for devotees.


Q. What is the advantage of booking with Pujaabhishekam?


1) Easy and smooth booking of the required pujas of preferred temples, in a few clicks

2) Variety of payment options to choose from

3) Booking confirmation by Mail /SMS / Whatsapp

4) Sharing of contact details of the temple priest, who performs the puja on the specific day

5) Proper Execution of the Puja with high quality Samagri

6) Transparency in pricing

7) Ensure delivery of Prasadham within stipulated time.


Q. Can puja be performed online?

A. Yes, puja can be performed online through Skype/ whatsapp.


Q. Can somebody who is staying foreign country book puja?

A. Yes, puja can be booked from any part of the world.


Q. Any prasadam will be provided after puja?

A. Yes, we provide prasadham within stipulated time.


Q. What are the things will be provided by company after puja?

A. A standard video  of  Performed Puja  and prasadam will be sent to you.


Q. Whether any boarding and lodging facilities will be provided?

A. Yes, with additional cost.


Q. Do you provide customize puja facilities?

A. Yes, we can customize puja according to customer requirement. You can contact on given numbers.


Q. Do you provide astrology services?

A. Yes, for astrology services you have to visit


Q. What is the guarantee that customers will get full satisfaction?

A. We have highly qualified and experinced pandits who are well versed with artharveda and other Puranas. You can share your views through feedback form.


Q. Where is the physical office of Pujaabhishekam?

A. Pujaabhishekam’s office is in Varanasi.

Address: D 47, 195 B, Girja Ghar Chauraha, Girja Ghar, Ramapura Luxa, Thana, Uttar Pradesh 221010

Phone: +91 8639531391



Note: In case you have some questions which are not mentioned above, please feel to reach us over on +91 8639531391  OR get in touch through PujaAbhishekam contact page.