Puja at Kedareshwar Temple (Gauri Kedar)

Puja at Kedareshwar Temple (Gauri Kedar)

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The Kedareshwar temple is present at Kedar ghat. The meaning of kedar it refers the place where the crop of liberty grows and in Varanasi kedareshwar temple is the where people got freedom from their sins.


Puja at Kedareshwar Temple (Gauri Kedar) is very significant one. The Kedareshwar temple is present at Kedar ghat. The meaning of Kedar it refers to the place where the crop of liberty grows and in Varanasi kedareshwar temple is where people got freedom from their sins. The importance of the Varanasi kedareshwar temple is equivalent to the Himalayas kedareshwar according to the Mahatma kasi kedara lord kedareshwar performed his fifteen arts (kalas) in kashi and the last one means sixteen he performed in kedareshwar Varanasi it was appeared from the food made by green gram by the king mandhata.

The original kedar is located in Himalaya’s area in Uttrakhand and the approximate altitude is 12000 feet. The Himalayan kedara is in India’s one of twelve lingas of light. Kedareshwar temple is the located at the southern part of the city neat kedar ghat it’s the one of the honorable destination of southern kashi. It’s a river temple seems to sit at the top of an impressive ghat and placed at a very altitude of water edge and from the river it’s vertical stripes reflect in red & yellow color. It’s the uninterrupted place of noisy sounds however Dashasvamedha and Vishwanath Ghats are its surrounding places. It is believed that kedareshwar temple had built in the last of 11th century and earlier in 12th century this temple is located on the right side of Jagmohan that records the donations that come from the devotees.



  • Kedar Gauri temple is one among the eight Astasambhu temples in Bhubaneswar.
  • There are several legends associated with the construction of the Kedar Gauri temple.
  • One legend says that King Lalatendu Kesari constructed this temple in dedication to two lovers named Kedar and Gouri and another holds that it was constructed by Lord Shiva.
Puja Types

Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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