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Shraadh Puja

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Shraadh Puja or the Pitru Paksha Puja is conducted to pay homage to the departed and beloved Ancestors. Tarpan, Parvan Shraadh and Tripaindi Shraadh are the major shraadh Puja that can be performed in Pitr Paksha. This Puja is essential to please our forefathers and get their blessings for material and mental prosperity.  

Puja Types :

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Shraadh- Tarpan  

As per our Hindu culture, Tarpan Puja is a ceremony held to pay respects to your ancestors after they depart from earth. This pooja includes offering water to the souls of your loved ones who have begun their journey in a different world now. Performing this pooja is essential to free your ancestors of any unfulfilled or unachieved dreams so that they can detach from this mortal world and proceed in their journey to heaven with satisfaction, peace, and happiness. This is why you should place the responsibility of such an important puja in the hands of the right pandit. It is generally performed on the bank of river Ganges or near any water body as per your convenience.

Tarpan Puja and its significance 

The term ‘Trup’ is a Sanskrit word implying satisfaction. This is the root word from where the name Tarpan evolved. The main purpose of performing this pooja is to impress and satisfy your ancestors who have left this world. Water projects love. We only offer water to those we respect and love. This is why water is offered to the deceased ones. This puja also ensures the welfare and success of the performer. When your deceased family member gets satisfied with your offerings, they bless you with Long-life, financial success, wisdom, and knowledge of the Brahman (Brahmavarchasva), Annadya, and many more.

Auspicious muhurat to perform the puja 

There is no specific time to perform Tarpan Shradh Puja. However, if performed in Pita Paksha, it has special significance as our pitrs (forefathers) directly receives our offering. You can consult with our pandits online to schedule an appropriate date and time at your convenience. However, the pooja should not be delayed much. 

Puja Samagri

Tarpan Puja requires a hoard of items before the online worship can begin. You need to have clean and pure water, copper plates and utensils, rose and other flower garlands, Kusha, raw milk, Betel nut, Janeu, black sesame seeds, barley, and many more. Contact our epandits for acquiring a detailed list. Please make sure that the milk used is from a cow but not one who has recently birthed a calf. Moreover, it should not be heated or pasteurized. Other than this, you also require water, saffron, camphor, incense sticks, sugar, and cardamom.

Benefits of performing Tarpan Puja 

Tarpan Puja is an important puja and should not be delayed or overlooked under any circumstances. There are many benefits of performing this pooja. Some of them are:

  • Tarpan Puja is a ceremony done to please our deceased ancestors. If they are satisfied with your offerings, you will receive abundant blessings and good luck, which will remove all the obstacles and hurdles in the path of your dreams and aspirations.
  • This puja also decreases or eliminates the Pitra dosh.


Parvana Shraadh

This is a type of Shraadh puja performed during specific occasions such as Bhadrapada month in Pitru Paksha. The idol or pictures of the Vishwadeva god is required during this ritual. As per Hindu traditions, the deceased person’s son or close one should conduct this pooja. The family members are not supposed to consume meat or any non-veg item during the time of Pitru Paksha. You need to perform the Parvana shradh Puja at least once every year and preferably on the tithi of the person’s death. Tithi implies the days as per the Hindu calendar. Thus, do not delay and perform Parvana Shradh Puja online to pay your respects and please Vishwa Deva and your ancestors of the prior three generations, including both paternal and maternal sides.

Parvana Shraadh Puja and its significance

 Parvana Shraadh puja holds much significance in the Hindu culture. The departed souls of your loved ones need to attain peace and freedom. You can find details about it in ancient Hindu Puranas such as Agni, Garuda, and Matsya Purana. Performing the Parvana Shradh Puja is essential as, without it, the soul of the ancestor may never reach heaven, and they will forever be dissatisfied.

Auspicious muhurat to perform this puja 

There is no fixed time to perform Shradh Puja. However, people mostly prefer the time of lunar conjunction. You can consult with our pandits to get an appropriate time and day at your convenience. However, the pooja should not be delayed much.

Puja Samagri 

Performing ParvanaShradh Puja online requires some preparations for its successful completion.

  • The puja requires food items to be made just from cow’s milk, ghee, and curd. The only exception is cows who have recently birthed a calf. Their milk should not be used for any purpose. 
  • Make sure to use silver utensils for offerings since it is considered auspicious. Myth has it that silver repels evil forces. Using bronze and copper utensils is also acceptable.
  • Barley, Kaangani (millet), mustard, peas, and sesame are important samagri since they are considered auspicious. Sesame shields you from evil forces and symbolizes positivity.

Benefits of performing Parvana Shradh puja 

Performing Parvana Shradh Pooja has a lot of benefits such as receiving immense blessings, popularity, money, Happiness, success, and departed souls reaching heaven. However, puja needs to be conducted precisely to achieve these benefits, so choosing the right pooja service organization is essential.

Tripindi- Shraadh

Tripindi Shradh Puja is the process of doing Pind daan to your deceased ancestors of the previous three generations. If the Shradh Karma has not been conducted for three consecutive years, then our ancestors supposedly become upset, which is why this puja is necessary. You need to offer food and water to the souls of the ones who left the world. Tripindi Shradh Pooja can also be called Tripindi Shanti vidhi.

Tripindi Shradh Puja and its significance 

Tripindi Shradh also called Kamya Shraddha, or Tripindi Shanti vidhi is performed so that the souls of our predecessors and ancestors of the previous three generations achieve peace and salvation. This is especially beneficial for the people who might have left early or in case you have not conducted the shradh rituals for three consecutive years. It is extremely important to let an expert pandit perform this pooja who strictly adheres and follows the pooja as per the Grihya Sootras. There are countless other reasons why performing Tripindi Shradh Puja is essential. The causes include disruption of peace in the house, business failures due to unspecified reasons, recurring dreams of deceased family members, and irrational behavior of a son or daughter-in-law.

Auspicious muhurat to perform the puja 

Tripindi Shradh Puja online is preferably done in Vaishakhmaas, Shravanamaas, Karteekmaas, Margashirmaas, Pushyamaas, Maghmaas, and Phalgunmaas as per the Hindu calendar. For puja like Tripindi Shraddh, Dakshinayan muhurat is the most suitable one. While for the date, go for Panchami, Ashtami, Navami, Dashami, Yekadashi, Trayodashi, Chaturdashi or Amavasya. To increase its effectiveness, it is better to perform the puja during Sun’s transit in Kanyarashi or Tularashi. This period is usually from September through December. Perform the Puja from home under the guidance of a knowledgeable panditji.

Pitr Paksh is also considered very auspicious to carry out any puja related to our forefathers. At Pisach Mochan, Varanasi, performing tripindi sharaadh in Pitr paksh helps in removing all kinds of Pitr Dosha in the chart.

Puja Samagri 

Online worship requires some essential items such as Roli, sindur, supari, cotton Raksha sutra, rice grains, Kapur, turmeric, desi ghee, matches, honey, black sesame seeds, flowers, tulsi leaves, pan leaves, havan samagri, gur, clay diyas, candles, incense sticks, curd, flour, Ganga water, etcetera. The Tripindi Shradh pooja also requires you to install the idols of Vishnu, Brahma, and Mahesh. Get in touch with our expert pandits for a detailed samagri list.

Benefits of performing Tripindi Shraddh puja 

There are many benefits of performing this pooja, some of which are listed below:

  • This pooja is essential for the liberation of your deceased ancestors from this mortal world and helpping in their journey to heaven.
  • It helps the souls of your ancestors trapped in the nether world escape and achieve moksha or salvation.
  • Normal Shradh Puja is only done to appease three generations: your Father or Pitru, Grandfather or Pitamah, and Great Grandfather. Tripindi Shradh Puja, on the other hand, is done to worship your ancestors preceding the three generations.
  • This pooja helps to lessen or eliminate Pitru dosh irrespective of whether your parents are alive or not.

In conclusion, book our best pandits online and receive excellent puja services that every devotee dreams of. Our pandits are experts who have years of experience and will help you along every step of the puja.

Puja Types

Uttam, Atyuttam, Mahaprasadam

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