Vedic chanting of SATURN

Vedic chanting of SATURN

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Saturn is one of the most dreaded planet along with Mars and Rahu. It is the ‘Karaka’ for career, obstruction and delays. Saturn is also significator of longevity and chronic diseases. Hence, if one is struggling at job front or facing some or other delays in completion of activities or undergoing ‘Maraka’ Dasha, Vedic mantra chanting of Saturn can bring lot of relief.

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Saturn in Vedic Mythology

Lord Shani, the son of Surya, is considered the god of justice and actions. In the group of 9 planets, he is considered the cruelest and angry. It is lord of our karmic balance and thus respects good deeds and sincere efforts in life. Saturn is also the planet of restriction; hence it creates hurdles and tests our patience.  Once the native passes the test, Saturn blesses him with abundant material prosperity. 

According to astrology, Shani Maharaj takes about 30 years to complete one cycle of revolution. Hence Saturn repeats after every 30 years.  Lord Shiva has entrusted Shani Dev with the task of the ‘Judge’ among nine planets.  The story exists in the Kashi Purana about the birth of  Shani Dev. According to which Chhaya, the wife of Lord Suryanarayana, a descendant of Kashyap Muni, sought a boon from Lord Shiva for having children through severe penance. Lord Shani Dev was born on the new moon of Jyestha from the fruit of Lord Shiva. Shani Dev’s complexion turned black due to the brightness and tenacity of the Sun. But due to the severe penance of the mother, immense powers were given to Shani Dev.

Saturn in Vedic Astrology

The planet Saturn has a lot of importance in Vedic astrology. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is considered exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Saturn moves at a very slow pace. Saturn takes two and half years to move from one zodiac to another. The planet Saturn has great importance in Vedic astrology. In astrology, the planet Saturn is considered to be the significator of age, misery, machinery and manual labor. 

According to astrologers, the person whose Saturn is exalted in his horoscope becomes a king as it forms ‘Sasa’ Mahapurusa yoga when posited in any of the kendra.  Saturn is the owner of three constellations Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttarabhadrapad constellation out of 27 constellations.

Effect of afflicted Saturn

  • Due to the unfavorable effect of Saturn, the speech of a person becomes harsh and it causes discord in the family even on small matters.
  • Native having afflicted Saturn is against God, makes fun of or insult religion.
  • Weak Saturn distracts the students from study as it is karaka of patience and penance.
  • Due to the inauspicious results of Shani, mind starts leaning towards evil, bad company and intoxication. It also weakens body structure and joints.


Saturn Vedic Mantra and its Benefic effects 


Om Sham no devir abhishtaya apo bhavantupitaye sham yorabhi sravantu Nah. 


 ॐ शन्नो देवी रभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीपतये शनयो रविस्र वन्तुनः।


This Mantra of Shani Dev is called Shri Shani Vedic Mantra. By chanting 23000 thousand of this Mantra, the malefic effects of the Shani-sade sati get pacified.    


  • Shani’s Vedic Mantra have the ability to fulfill any wish.
  • By chanting the Vedic Mantra, the bad effect of Shani’s sade-sati can end.
  • It saves the native from death, as Saturn is karaka of longevity.
  • Every day after sunset, chant the Vedic Mantra of Shani with a Rudraksha garland. It helps in defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles.


Puja Types

Uttam, Atyuttam, Mahaprasadam

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