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Devi Bagala is the deity of Bagalamukhi Mantra. She is also called ‘Valgamukhi’. ‘Bagala’ or ‘Vagla’ literally means a ‘rope’ or a ‘bridle’ that is put in the mouth to control the movements of the tongue – and ‘Mukhi’ means ‘faced’. She is the superpower who can destroy all evil powers.


About Baglamukhi Puja

Baglamukhi, also known as Bagala, is one of the most important deities included among the ten Mahavidyas. The ten Mahavidyas are various forms of Goddess Parvati and are worshipped rigorously by people in Hindu society. Conducting Baglamukhi Puja steers their devotees’ path clear of hurdles and erases their confusion and self-doubts. This path is sure to lead them to success. Talking about Devi Baglamukhi’s form, she holds a cudgel in her hands to eliminate all her devotees’ problems.

Baglamukhi Puja and its significance

Devi Baglamukhi, the “Goddess who paralyzes enemies,” is the eighth deity in Das Mahavidyas. Baglamukhi can be split into two terms- ‘Bagala’ and ‘Mukhi.’ The first part, or Bagala, refers to the act of limiting, and Mukhi refers to the mouth. Thus, Baglamukhi means possessing the power to paralyze or restrict people, specifically the enemies of her devotees. Devi Baglamukhi prefers yellow or golden, so she is also referred to as “Pitambari.” Conduct her online worship with our help, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.

Auspicious muhurat to perform the puja

You can perform the Baglamukhi puja any time you wish. There is no specific period designated for this pooja. The main thing is to conduct the puja precisely and accurately for fruitful completion. This is why you should check out our online puja services, which have satisfied countless devotees before.

Puja Samagri

A lot of preparations need to be made before the pooja can take place. You need a small wooden stand or stool on which you need to spread a cloth yellow in color. On top of that, place your Goddess Baglamukhi idol or picture. Make sure to dress up in yellow to please the Goddess. After this, you need to make the Swastik design with Chana Dal. Make sure to place a Diya in front of the idol of the Goddess. The puja samagri list includes Maa Baglamukhi Yantra, Yellow Chunri, Turmeric or Haldi, Havan Samagri Pack, Turmeric Powder, Mouli, a holy thread, Haldi Mala, Pure Ghee, Camphor Balls, Akshat, Yellow Mustard Seeds, Incense Sticks, and Honey. Communicate with our expert epandits for a detailed list.

Benefits of Baglamukhi Pooja

There are numerous benefits of performing Baglamukhi Pooja. Check the list below to know more.

  • If you are involved in legal disputes such as property issues, financial matters, or separation from your partner, this pooja helps shift the success meter to your side.
  • If things are going south in your life due to buri Nazar from tangible or intangible enemies, performing this Baglamukhi pooja online helps protect and save you.
  • If someone is performing black magic on you, this pooja neutralizes the effect and thus shields you from harm.
  • Perform this puja if you are planning to start a new business or are undertaking a new journey.
  • Say goodbye to financial issues as this pooja gives you a blessed life filled with Wealth, good health, and fame.

Please do not delay and immediately hire our best pandits for a successful and fulfilling puja.

Puja Types

Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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