Vedic chanting of RAHU

Vedic chanting of RAHU

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Rahu is the karmik planet, so it brings our past birth karmik debts into present life. Wherever Rahu is placed, it causes some or other issues with respect to that house. Hence , it is always recommended to perform Vedic chanting of Rahu in its Dasha and Antardasha.

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Vedic Mantra Chanting of Rahu

Rahu in Hindu Mythology

According to Shrimad Bhagwat Purana, Maharishi Kashyap’s wife Danu had a son named Viprachitti, who was married to Simhika, sister of Hiranyakashipu. Rahu was born from the womb of Simhika, hence Rahu is also known as Simhikeya.

When the demons churned the Kshir Sagar, apart from other gems, ‘Amrit’ was also obtained from it. Lord Vishnu, taking the form of Mohini, enchanted the demons and he took the task of distributing the ‘Amrit’. He first started distributing the ‘Amrit’ to the Gods. Rahu got suspicious and disguised as god and sat near Sun & Moon God.

As soon as Vishnu started giving ‘Amrit to Rahu, Sun and Moon informed Vishnu about disguised Rahu. Immediately, Lord Vishnu separated Rahu’s head from the trunk with the help of Sudarshan Chakra. However few drops of ‘Amrit’ had already gone into Rahu & sneck, due to which he remained alive in both the head and body.


What is Rahu in Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic astrology, the planet Rahu is said to be the significator of harsh speech, gambling, travel, theft, evil deeds, skin diseases, religious travels, etc. The person in whose birth chart Rahu is sitting in an inauspicious place, or is afflicted, then native gets its extremely negative results.


Malefic effect of Rahu in Birth Chart?

Rahu creates doubt and confusion in matters of marriage. It hinders happy married life. If associated with another malefic planet such as mars, Rahu can cause separation. One suffers from mental stress, financial loss, misunderstanding, lack of mutual coordination, and high temper. Rahu is a mysterious planet, so it causes all kinds of incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. One maybe get involved in dark magic or can become a victim of ‘Dark Magic’

Rahu Vedic Mantra and Benefits

Om Kayanas Chitraabhivaduti Sadamvridha Shakha; Kayasha
Chishtayavrita |

ॐ कया नश्चि त्र आभु वदूती सदा वृ ध: सखा || कया शश्चि ष्ठया वृ ता ।

  •  Rahu Vedic Mantra should be chanted to reduce stress.
  •  Rahu helps one to get success and earn money with less
  • Chanting of Rahu can be very beneficial during illness and
    physical ailments.
  • Helps you to get out of your poverty-stricken conditions
  •  Helps in any material desire such as traveling the country, buying vehicles, jewelry, and other assets.
Puja Types

Uttam, Atyuttam, Mahaprasadam

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