Vedic chanting of SUN

Vedic chanting of SUN

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Planet Sun signifies our soul, energy, confidence, status in society and positivity in life. It is utmost desirable to have blessing of SUN to have a peaceful and purposeful life. If Sun is debilitated or posited in malefic sign in our birth chart, Vedic mantra chanting of Sun can be performed to nullify its negative effects.

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Vedic Mantra Chanting of Sun

Who is the God of Sun in Indian Mythology?

The Sun is said to be the real deity of the earth, who is visible to us directly in his supreme divine form. In the Vedas, the sun is said to be the soul of the world. The soul of the entire past world is the sun; there is life on this earth from the sun. Sun worship has been prevalent in the Vedas, in many places; the Sun God has been praised.

According to the Markandeya Purana, earlier this whole world had no light, at that time the Brahma Ji appeared, the word ‘OM’ came out from his mouth, which was the radiance of the sun. Sun is considered the king of the solar system. According to the belief, Sun is the son of Maharishi Kashyap and his mother is Aditi, due to which the name of the Sun is also ‘Aditya’.

Surya: The Vedic Sun-God

 In the Vedic period, the Aryans considered the Sun to be the creator of the whole world. The meaning of Surya is all-motivator, all-promoter, and all- beneficial. The Sun has an important place among the gods of Rigveda. Yajurveda has considered the Sun to be the eye of God. In the Chandogya Upanishad, the benefits of getting a son have been told by the worship of Lord Surya.

Sun Astrological Characteristics

Sun is an astrological star that controls our mentality, stamina, energy level, patience, strong willpower, and ability to think even in dark moments. He is always strong, determined, and full of light. The enthusiasm to move forward is received from the sun only.

 Remedies of Weak Sun in Horoscope

Inauspicious or debilitating  Sun in the  Kundali can be a matter of concern. Such a person suffers the loss of honor and respect, his father suffers and may face heart and eye-related diseases. He faces obstacles in attaining a high position only due to the inauspicious effect of the Sun.  To remove the defects associated with planet Sun, many remedies have been prescribed in astrology. By doing measures like Surya Mantra, Surya Yantra, and Surya Namaskar, the grace of Lord Surya is obtained. Happiness, prosperity, confidence, willpower, and success can be found by removing all the defects related to SUN.

Surya Vedic Mantra and Benefits

Sun Vedic Mantra

Om aa krishnen rajasa vartamaano niveshyannnamritam matrayam cha Hiranyayena savita rathena devo yati bhuvnaani Pashyann.

ॐ आ कृष्णेन रजसा वर्तमानो निवेशयन्नमृतं मर्त्यं च। हिरण्ययेन सविता रथेना देवो याति भुवनानि पश्यन्


  • The Vedic Mantra of Surya is chanted to remove all kinds of problems related to a high position in society, government jobs, and unemployment.
  • By chanting the Vedic Mantra of Surya, one gets rid of mental ailments like anxiety, stress, depression, negative thinking, etc.
  • By worshiping the sun, the feelings of ego, jealousy, etc., are removed from the heart of the person forever.
  • To remove all kinds of negativity related to life for better health and to remove the dosh associated with the Sun in the horoscope.
  • Sun is said to be the king among the nine planets, God is the direct deity in the Sun. As per Maharshi Parasara, 7000 Vedic Mantra are to be chanted to appease Lord Surya. 
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