Maha Bhagwat Purana

Maha Bhagwat Purana

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About Mahabhagwatpuran puja

MahabhagwatPuran, also called ShrimadBhagwat, is one of the oldest and richest Puranas in Hindu mythology. It is a holy book for the Hindus and devotees of Lord Vishnu. The book gives a detailed account of Narayana and his various avatars. It also talks about the great Lord Vishnu and his endeavors. This Puranwas written by Rishi Vyasadeva and consisted of mythological figures such as Lord Rama in Ramayana, Lord Krishna in Mahabharata, Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar, and many more. It comprises around 18000 verses.

People usually perform the MahabhagwatPuran Katha for several reasons ranging from good health, prosperity to getting blessings from the divine Lord himself. With the help of this Katha, you can lead a happy and life full of dharma and blessings through complete devotion to God.

Mahabhagwatpuran puja and its importance

MahabhagwatPuran is the most respected Purana, and the pooja has been performed gloriously for hundreds of years. All these years, it has upheld the social and religious bases of Hindu society. It has rightfully been termed as the ‘encyclopedia of Indian religion and culture.’  It is also considered the main part of the Vaishnava sect. The abstruse and mystical subjects such as the Hindu Upanishads, Vedas, and Philosophy have been explained with great ease. Thus, MahabhagwatPuran Puja should be performed by certified and experienced pandits.

Auspicious Muhurat to Perform the Puja

MahabhagwatPuran Puja can be performed all year round. There is no specific time to perform this puja. However, most people usually perform it in the months of Bhadrapada, Asvina, Kartik, Margashirsha, Asadha, and Sravana as per the Hindu calendar. However, this pooja is not bound by time constraints and thus should not be held back in the time of need. You can book an epanditduring any time of the year at your convenience.

Puja Samagri

The priority goes to selecting an expert Pandit who is well versed with MahabhagwatPuran Puja. However, you need to be careful due to the ongoing ravaging pandemic. In such a situation, it is best to book online pooja at your preferred muhurat. To begin withpreparations, you need to place tall Banana poles at the house entrance. The significance of the pooja should be on par with your daughter’s marriage. This is done to invite the Lord and his blessings to your house. This pooja needs a host of items such as Turmeric, incense sticks, saffron, sandalwood paste, rice grains, many fruits, sindur, and many more.

Benefits of MahabhagwatPuran Puja

Performing the MahabhagwatPuran Puja has a lot of benefits such as:

  • You will find solace in Lord Krishna’s feet.
  • You will garner a lot of blessings and prosperity for yourself and your entire family. They are bound to progress and succeed in life.
  • Achieve wisdom and knowledge of the ancient holy Puranas of our Hindu society.
  • All your family members will be in the best of their health.
  • Good luck is bound to follow you in every stage of life.
  • Erase all your past sins.
  • Get salvation.

Thus, this Puja will help you progress in your life. Book the best and most trusted Panditonline now and achieve all of the benefits and comforts from any location globally.

Puja type

Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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