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Narayana Bali is performed to satisfy the unsatisfied desires of the ancestor’s souls which are trapped in this world. These unsatisfied souls of ancestors put forth problems in the household causing trouble to their progeny.

Narayan Bali Pooja is nothing but offerings to Lord Vishnu through prayers to appease Lord Narayan for unnatural deaths of ancestors.


When a person dies unnaturally he is stuck between two worlds and he cannot transmigrate to another body. He is held back due to the circumstances he died. Thus he puts the family through lots of sufferings because that’s a way to get their attention. If the family goes about in their happy ways they won’t even notice him suffering in any way. So the only way to get their attention is to cause problems in their lives. Do you blame the spirit for that? Personally I think not. So when the family goes to a person (for example a priest or a medium, etc) to help to them, the spirit is hoping that the person (the priest or a medium…) will pick up that he (the spirit) is calling out for help…

So if you have someone in your family that has died in this way. Trace back from the time that person died and see if from that time if you have been going through problems then you must know that this prayer should be considered to be performed as soon as possible.

For Problems like Bhoot Pishach Badha, unsuccessful in Business, Waste of Money, Family health Problems, Argument with others, Educational hindrances, Marriage Problems, Accidental Death, Unnecessary expenses, Health problems in many family members, All kind of Curse (shaap). Narayan bali is performed to get respite from various problems.


  • Get rid of ancestral curse and all obstacles, bad dreams & hindrances are dispelled.
  • This is a remedy for all problems such as marriage & child birth delays, financial troubles, illness etc.
  • Our ancestors will remain rest in peace and blessings of them are secured.
  • Helps to get rid of the Negative effect of Pitru Dosh in the horoscope.
  • Secures the Family from all the bad spirits after performance of rites and the blessings of ancestors are received.
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