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“There is no father better than Lord Vishwanath, there is no mother better than Goddess Parvati either and no one can find any son better than Ganesha in all the Lokas.”

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56 Ganesh Yatra is very much blissful and significant one. “There is no father better than Lord Vishwanath, there is no mother better than Goddess Parvati either and no one can find any son better than Ganesha in all the Lokas.”

When Lord Shiva left Kashi and started residing at the Mountains of Mandarachal, one day, he wanted to know about the situation and condition of Kashi. To get the news of Kashi he sent many deities and ganas (followers), Yoginis (Holy Ladies), God Sun and Lord Brahma to Kashi, but no one returned to him. Then, he asked his beloved son Lord Ganesha to go to Kashi.


 Ganesh Ji Enters in Kashi

By the order of Lord Shiva, Shri Ganesha dressed as a Brahmin, entered to Varanasi in an auspicious time. Lord Ganesha, through his intellect and arts allured all the men, women, the King & Queens. All the inhabitants of Kashi became the staunch follower of Ganesha. By doing this Lord Ganesha also felt highly enlightened and lived in Kashi by making his different statues.

When Lord Vishnu dethroned King Divodasa* from Kashi, Lord Vishwakarma reconstructed and re-established Kashi and Lord Vishwanath entered in Kashi along with all his ganas & followers, he first of all embraced Lord Ganesha and said to all the devtas that the credit of my re-entry in this extraordinary Varanasi Puri goes to my son Ganesha only.

Lord Vishwanath further said in all the Lokas if anything becomes unachievable by father, the son makes that possible, this has happened with me too. To make this Kashi available for me this child Ganesha tried the best of his tact & intellect. Indeed I have the extraordinary son because the Kashi, for which I was so worried my son Ganesha made it available to me.

After that Lord Visheshwar instructed all the devtas accompanying him, by telling about the different posts of Dhundhiraj Lord Vishwanath said and first of all he did the prayer of Ganesha (This prayer of Lord Shiva is known as DhundhirajStrota.)

Lord Maheshwar said that, those good people who will chant this stotra, created by me will remain unaffected even from the biggest hurdles and problems in Life. Those who will chant this stotra near the Dhundhiraj, all the eternal supernatural powers will be at his service always. Those who will chant this stotra with calm and lucid mind will get rid from all his sins and bad element of mind.

After Saying this and being worshipped and honoured by all the devtas and Lord Brahma, Lord Vishwanath in a very enlightened mood blessed all of them and entered in the magnificent new building constructed by Lord Vishwakarma.

“Those who worship these 56 Vinayaks attain divine knowledge and wisdom even after the death at distant places. Those who recite the DhundhirajStotra and the story of fifty sixVinayaks their souls get purified, these people get success at every step. By recalling and worshipping these 56 Vinayaks at any place pulls out its worshippers out of the abysmal ocean of troubles & sorrow. No hurdles come in the ways of those who recite and listen to these stotras and stories and he become free from all sins”


Names of Fifty-Six Vinayaks (in connection with 56 Ganesh Yatra)

Lord Ganesha protects the Vishwanath temple and the entire Kashi region being established in Seven fold configuration in all the eight directions. This seven fold configuration has eight constituents in each which are follows.


First Fold:-

Shri Ark Vinayak, Shri Durg Vinayak, Shri Bheem Chand Vinayak, Shri Dehli Vinayak, Shri Udand Vinayak, Shri Pashpani Vinayak, Shri Kharv Vinayak and Shri Siddhi Vinayak

In this manner in the outer circle of Kashi these eight vinayaks are positioned which provide siddhis to its worshippers and punishes the non worshippers.


Second Fold:-

Shri Lambodar Vinayak, Shri KootDant Vinayak, Shri ShaalKantak Vinayak, Shri Kushmand Vinayak, Shri Mund Vinayak, Shri VikatDant Vinayak, Shri Raj Putra Vinayak and Shri Pranav Vinayak

In this manner these eight Ganesha of the second circle keep on destroying the hurdles of the inhabitants of Kashi.


Third Fold:-

Shri Vakratund Vinayak, Shri EkDand Vinayak, Shri Pachassya Vinayak, Shri Heremb Vinayak, Shri Vighna Raj Vinayak, Shri Varap Vinayak and Shri Modakpriya Vinayak

In this manner describing the significance of the vinayaks of the third fold Lord Vishwanath said that these Ganeshaspotect the entire region of Kashi with full concentration.


Fourth Fold:-

Shri Abhayapradd Vinayak, Shri Singh Tund Vinayak, Shri Kuditaksh Vinayak, Shri KshipraPrasadanVinayak, Shri Chintamani vinayak, Shri Dant Hast Vinayak, Shri Pichandil Vinayak and Shri Udand Mund Vinayak

In the fourth circle these eight Ganesha destroy the hurdles and troubles of their worshippers. One must worship them.


Fifth Fold:-

Shri ShoolDant Vinayak, Shri Kali Priya Vinayak, Shri ChaturDant Vinayak, Shri Dwitund Vinayak, Shri Jayeshth Vinayak, Shri Gaj Vinayak, Shri Kaal Vinayak and Shri Nagesh Vinayak

These are the vinayaks which lie in the fifth circle of the Kashi.


Sixth Fold:-

Shri Manikarni Vinayak, Shri Asha Vinayak, Shri Shristhi Vinayak, Shri Yaksh Vinayak, Shri Gaj Karna Vinayak, Shri Chitraghant Vinayak, Shri SthoolJhang or Mitra Vinayak and Shri Mangal Vinayak

Just remembering the names of the Vinyaks present in the sixth fold of the configuration the person gets all the divine attainments.


Seventh Fold:-

Shri Mod Vinayak, Shri Pramod Vinayak, Shri Sumukh Vinayak, Shri Durmukh Vinayak and Shri Gan Nath Vinayak

The above mentioned five Vinayaks are the five main Vinayaks of the seventh circle.

Shri Jyan Vinayak & Shri Dwar Vinayak

These two Vinayaks are established at the main gate of Kashipuri.

Shri Avimukta Vinayak

It removes all the troubles & sorrow of the worshippers of AvimuktaKshetra.




  • Wisdom and wealth are the primary benefits of 56 Ganesh Yatra
  • In any business, the authority would first worship the idol of ganesh to gain profits and wealth in that particular organisation.
  • To start any work , ganesh puja is essential.
  • Ganesh puja has the ability to bless an inhabitant with positive results in many occassions in life.



Shree  Ganesh yatra will act in right manner only when it is energized , purified and installed by proper methods along with the vedic pundits or gurus who are learned experienced brahmins.

Puja Types

Uttam, Mahaprasadam

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